Monday, June 21, 2010

Sights on Pohnpei

The pictures below were taken by the Clarkes. They are also serving in the Micronesia Guam mission and were fortunate to be able to visit each of the islands. We made copies of some of their pictures to ask Kevin about and were excited to learn that he was living in one of the houses on their blog. Kevin has not sent home a camera chip since arriving in Pohnpei so we were happy to see these pictures. Thank you, Brother and Sister Clarke!
The picture below shows the trunk of a rainbow tree.

Sometimes we feel sorry for Kevin living in such primitive conditions. When we see sights such as this one, we begin to wonder if he will want to come home!

This is a picture of the betel nut. People on the island like to chew it and it makes their mouth numb.

This is a picture of the refrigerator of the house in Kitti. (the last house Kevin lived in) Due to the humid and wet conditions on the island, things rust really easily. Kevin said it looks bad, but works great!

This is a picture of the Palikir house that Kevin is currently living in.

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