Sunday, December 5, 2010

Travel News

This picture was taken when Kevin previously lived in Chuuk. It was taken while he was visiting on the island of Weno (also known as Moen). This is the island Kevin is now living on.

We have not heard from Kevin since he left Pohnpei and went back to Chuuk. We did receive a letter from church travel and would like to report that Kevin will be arriving back to Reno on March 18th. We know it will be hard for him to end his mission, but look forward to having him home!

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  1. We have enjoyed having the weekly updates of Elder South through this Blog. It is unfortunate that the Elders do not have the easy email capability on Chuuk that the other islands have. I know that this is a frustration felt by many parents of missionaries serving in Chuuk, especially if they are on the outer islands and only get to Weno every 3 weeks. We We love Elder South and the work he is doing. He was a fantastic Zone Leader on Pohnpei.