Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Have a Love for Learning Chuukese

This picture was taken when Kevin visited the Sapuk lighthouse early on in his mission.
December 20, 2010
Dear Mom and Dad,
So, I'm writing this letter up on the lighthouse in Sapuk. You saw pictures of it a long time ago. We took picture so soon you will have pictures of the lighthouse with a whole new gang of missionaries.
I'm actually going to be calling you in a few days to set up our Christmas phone call. I am so excited to talk to you again. In all honesty, it doesn't feel like Christmas at all yet. It is always about 90 degrees so I am stuck in June. I got the Christmas packages you sent. Thank you so much for those. Thank you also for sending out the boxes of candy for the branch. I know they are going to like it. They are all excited for Christmas.
We have been getting ready for the Christmas party lately out in Sapuk. It is going to be on the 27th because that will be our zone p-day. All the missionaries will come to the party. We are going to have volleyball, music and a LOT of food.
Work in Sapuk has been getting better. We are working with a couple of really good people. The baptisms we had scheduled soon did not happen. We should have a couple in January. Two guys we are working with are big studs. I have really liked working with them and they are awesome. Other than that work is still just going forward bit by bit. My branch president responsibilities take up a bit of my time, but it is still okay. We manage to get work done. Teaching by myself is a much different change of pace. My whole mission has mostly been working with people who know the language so it is a lot different. I kind of like it though to be honest. I feel like my teaching is pretty good now compared to where it used to before. There really isn't a language barrier at all any more so any idea I want to convey or question I want to ask is possible. Some things are a bit rough to be able to get across sometimes but I can struggle my way through it usually. Those are rare though. It is usually dealing with stuff that is just super new to them like some doctrinal concepts. It is amazing to see how people think and comprehend things when they spend their whole lives on small islands and don't get a good education. My Chuukese language abilities have already caught up to and probably surpassed where I was before I went to Pohnpei. We always have some of the locals around with us so I can ask them questions and I get to know how they speak in just hang out settings and when they tell stories. I really have a love for learning this language. The dictionaries you sent are a huge help. They have so much good stuff in them.
Elder Fisher is doing well. I remember what it was like to come out straight from the states and it was a huge culture shock. He is adjusting well. I think he may be my final companion.
Well, I'll be talking to you both in a couple of days so I don't have much more to say now. Thank you again for all the stuff you sent out. I am really looking forward to talking to you soon. Take care.
Love Always,
Elder Kevin South

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