Monday, February 23, 2009

A Letter Home

Here is a part of the last letter Kevin e-mailed home.

So my first few days were pretty good. We had a lot of orientations and large group meetings. We are starting to get into a regular schedule now. It is really demanding here. 6:30-10:30 is pretty much non stop study and prepare. Its really good though. The spirit is really strong here. My teachers are amazing. Brother Moss is a great guy. I like his lessons because they are always really spiritual. Brother Haskin is really good too (he is a neuroscience major at BYU right now). They teach us so much in such a little amount of time. It really isn't them though. It's the spirit. We are starting to get the hang of teaching lessons now. We have been working really hard with the first one. We still have a few kinks to work out here and there.

Elder Standage is my companion. He is a great guy. My district is awesome. We call ourselves the temple district. We say it a different tone and make it fun. We also have a motto of sorts: Celestial Kingdom or Bust! We all get along really well. There are four of us going to the Micronesia Guam Mission. The other elders in my district are Nebeker, Anderson, Grondel, and Tangren. They are going to the Minneapolis Minnesota mission. We get along with them really good. I have adopted the nickname of scrubs on our floor because of my pajamas. I don't have a problem with it. I know that as soon as people take it too far I can call on Elder Tuaitanu and he will be there. Nobody will mess with him.

So you will never guess who is in my branch presidency... Professor Bott. It is really cool having him there. I told him I was in his class but he doesn't remember me. I would be offended but he had 1500 students last semester and has another 1500 this semester. He gave a great talk in sacrament meeting this last Sunday. He spoke like he was giving a lecture in his class. It brought back some old memories. I don't know my branch president's name right now. He has been out of town for a long time but he will be back tonight. The other counselor is Brother Vernon. He is such a nice guy. He always comes to the rooms and checks up with everyone to see how things are going before we go to bed.

Today we got to go to the temple. It was really neat there. It is a lot different than the Reno and Salt Lake temples. Our entire zone went up together. The men's side was completely full and I think I only counted 7 sisters.

So since I have been here I have seen so many people that I know. There are a lot of people from BYU. I have been getting pictures with everyone so you can see.

Elder Kevin South

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