Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday was a Big Day

Kevin had a very exciting Sunday. He started the day off speaking in Church about his mission and applying the scriptures into his everyday life. Kevin was so excited to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover before he spoke and he was able to meet his goal before the night was over. His talk was very well researched and written. Kevin is very thorough and ended up with several drafts before he had the perfect talk. His ward and family were all very proud of him.

After church Grandpa South, his brother in law Mitch and his Father gave him a father's blessing. It was a wonderful blessing full of great advice. He was counseled to "not run faster than your feet can carry you!". This statement was perfect for Kevin. He tends to be such a go getter he forgets that he can only go get so much!

The open house followed. So many people came to say their goodbyes. He is lucky to have so many people who love him.

After the open house he headed over to the Stake center to be set apart. When it was over he was officially considered Elder Kevin South!
He spent the rest of the evening making his last few phone calls to say goodbye.
It was a very special day for Elder South! We couldn't be prouder!

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