Monday, March 9, 2009

Kevin is in Tonoas

Kevin's parents received an e-mail from a senior couple missionary in Kevin's mission. Here is what the e-mail said,

"Kevin has been assigned to labor on the island of Tonoas (sometimes called Dublon) in Chuuk (Truk). Tonoas has a small branch with an attendance on Sunday's of about 40 people. He will be in a 3-some for the first transfer (6 weeks). His companions are Elder Peterson from Arizona (he's been out 9 months) and Elder Matuauto from New Zealand (he's been out about 18 months). Send mail and packages to PO Box 861, Weno, Chuuk, FSM 96942. US postage rates apply so a regular first class stamp is all that is required for letter. Most Elders receive packages in the Flat Rate boxes.Elder South will be learning Chuukese. The Chuuk Zone is leading the mission in baptism currently and we have a great group of 15 Elders in the Zone."

Wow! What a neat experience for Kevin. He must have gotten off the plane in Guam, flew to Chuuk and then got on a boat and headed to Tonoas! Kevin said he wanted to go somewhere where it was authentic! Boy did he get his wish a then some! Keep him in your prayers!

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