Monday, March 9, 2009

Peanuts and a Drink

Kevin left the MTC Tuesday March 3rd at 2am in the morning. He left the SLC airport and headed to the LA airport. He had a quick layover there and was able to call a couple family members. He then headed to Honolulu. When he arrived in Honolulu his famiyl was hoping he 'd have a chance to call one last time, but unfortunately there wasn't enough time and they didn't hear from him. He landed in Guam Friday the 4th at 7:00 pm Guam time. Nobody knows exactly what area he will head to once he arrives there, so until we hear from him.....

When his family talked to him on the phone he sounded great and like a spiritual giant! He talked about how he broke the MTC sit-up record, how great the food had been (he even mentioned he put a little weight on), how much he loved his zone and companions, and how it felt weird to be back in the real world.
Here is a blog entry from Kevin's sister, Tori, about getting to talk to him at the airport.
"This morning I received a call from Domino's Pizza Boy, J/K my little brother called from the LA airport getting ready to depart to Honolulu and then head to Guam. For some reason every time we call each other in my family randomly we tend to be some fast food chain, thinking were teasing each other! Anyway it was so wonderful to hear is voice. He sounded so grown up. He said he loved the MTC and went on and on how wonderful it was. He mentioned that it was the first time in his life that he ever sat in one tiny little classroom for 12 hours! I can't believe how fast those missionaries learn. He loves his companion and district. He was flying with 4 missionaries from his zone and one missionary met them at the airport who had left for medical reasons and was returning to the missionary field. We talked about how much he loved the MTC food. He told us that in the short amount of time he was there he gained 15 pounds!!! OM goodness. He talked about how he broke the MTC sit up record- 226 sit-ups and he said his stomach was still hurting! I asked him if he was nervous and he said a little and that it felt weird to be back in the real world. I asked him if he could think of anything he was already missing and he said no. I mentioned to him that I read that missionaries in his area crave Taco seasoning. I mentioned this to him and he laughed. He said he couldn't ever imagine himself writing us to tell us to send him taco seasoning. It's so weird to think about where Kevin is heading to. An island where there may be no electricity, an island where there are no birds because the snakes have eaten them all. An island where the closest church is miles away and you have to carry the children just to get there because it's to far for their little feet. An island where you baptize the members in the ocean. Kevin is about to embark on an amazing mission for our Heavenly Father. We are so proud of him. It was so good to hear his voice I guess until Mother's Day??? We love you Kevin and pray for you everyday!"

This is a picture of Kevin at the MTC with a friend from Reno, Ryan Christensen!

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