Sunday, September 27, 2009

Romannum is Amazing

We did get a letter from Kevin (finally!) It was dated August 25.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am in paradise! Romonnum is amazing! The people are all really nice and humble here. I love talking to them. The best part about it though is that Romonnum is the hotspots for baptisms now. There have already been 19 this year. We just had 4 last week with a family that lives near the church. We all loaded into a boat and went to an island that is a little ways off the shore. On eof the elders who lived here last transfer came and performed the baptisms. It was awesome! On Sunday I was able to confirm one of the girls. Her name is Eminin.She is 13 and really cool. The confirmation went well. I really like getting to do those things. I am getting better and better with the language too so it is getting easier.
We have another baptism coming up this Saturday and another one the week after that. This week's baptism is a guy named Vais. This is pronounced like Vice. He is an older guy who moved here recently. He is a stud. he is the kind of investigator missionaries dream of. We meet with him everyday and he knows everything so well.
We have had some interesting times getting settled in but Elder Ako and I both love it. We get along really well too. He came to Chuuk two transfers before I did so he knows more of the language than me. Not a ton though! He is a great guy and we are going to do great work here!
I was thinking and I realized that I am a big time minority here. I am the only white person here on the island. It is strange and at the same time fun. 598 Chuukese, 1 Hawaiian, and one white! haha!
We had a bit is a war recently. We had 4 women figting to do our laundry. It got pretty aggressive. The branch president had to step in to stop the problem. The women fight because we give food to whoever does our laundry.
I got the package you sent with the socks. They are a life saver! The candy you sent in that box was perfect for a game we play here on the island. It is called budget. It's helpful for Elder Ako and I to learn the language. Whenever you get asked a question you can't say yes, indeed, or shake your head. You have to answer in a complete sentence. If you ever say any of the things that you aren't allowed the other person says Budget and you have to give them something. The kids give us coconuts and we give them candy. I have played with one of the kids here named Natik. Guess who won? Wrong! I did! I got thirteen coconuts out of it. He doesn't want to play with me any more! Haha!
So I got the pictures you sent from Hot August Nights. I am way jealous! The cars look amazing! I also got some pictures from Tori of Jaxson and Kolby. It is always neat to see that stuff.
Thank you for everything you do for me!

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