Thursday, October 8, 2009

Exciting Times

September 8, 2009
I hope you are doing great. Things are going well here in Romonnum. Our missionary work has been going really great. I have some really exciting news to report. We have 7 investigators with scheduled baptism dates. Four of them are family members of Vais. He is the man that was baptized 2 weeks ago. The other three are people scattered here on the island. Missionaries have been here for 25 years and the success from this year is unheard of. I am blessed to be part of the great work here.
I have a cool story from a couple of days ago with one of the investigators. His name is George and he lives on the top of the small mountain here. He is from a nearby island called Ton. Each island has a slightly different way of speaking and he still has a Ton style. We didn't have a problem to start with, but it was more of a task than anything trying to figure out some things he was saying. That was the condition of the lesson until the end. He asked a final question that we couldn't come close to understanding. I had never heard anything along the lines of the wording or even the words before. Elder Ako and I tried to understand and figure it out but we just couldn't. We asked him to say it differently but he wouldn't. It seemed almost like he was testing us. We had to leave the lesson and commited ourselves to figure out what he was asking so we could answer it. Our next appointment came and we had an idea of how to answer but weren't sure. We started the lesson and reviewed a little from the previous week. At the end of the review we asked him to ask us the question again. As he did, all the confidence we had in the answere we had left. We had no idea how to answer. Elder Ako and I looked at each other puzzled. Then out of no where it seemed like I understood. He was asking what we should do or more what was possible to us because of what we had talked about (the restoration) I turned and looked at him and went with it. I told him all about the return of the prietshood and how we can be baptized now. I bore testimony of the priesthood and how because of it we can perform the needed ordinances for obtaining eternal life. George's face lit up as if we had passed the test. He readily accepted the invitation to be baptized. It was amazing and nerve racking at the same time.
While we are on the subject of language I have another story to tell you. This helped me realize the true meaning of the gift of tongues. There is a guy from Virginia who has been living here for two years now. He is with the Peace Corp and a pretty nice guy. We talked to him one day and just asked him about what he does here and stuff like that. We talked to him about the language too and what he said surprised me. He said before he came to Chuuk he had 6 weeks of training in Chuukese. When he came to Chuuk he knew a little of it and tried very hard. It took him 6 months to feel comfortable talking to anyone and a year before he could have a conversation. I was shocked and even more shocked when he said he had already graduated from college and was raked high in his class. I have felt at times that the language has been a challenge but I was ble to talk to people at three months. That opened my eyes to the gift of tongues. Missionaries are blessed to learn quickly. The Lord helps more than I ever knew.
Last Sunday two fo the recent converts were given the Aaronic priesthood. One was Vais and the other Joas. (pronounced Jass) Joas asked me to give him the priesthood. It went really well. The words were difficult in Chuukese because they don't have equivalents. The hardest one was ordain. It went well and there is now another priesthood bearer.
That covers all the recent church news. The other thing I got to do was pound breadfruit. That was neat and I got some pictures of it for you to see. The end result is called Kon (pronounced Kone) and it is good. It is like a really really thick mashed potato.
So I got a package from you a little while back and I liked all the food. I liked the Tiger Woods article you put in there. If you see any more interesting things like that send them my way! also, please send me an indepth analysis for all the BYU football games. I am dying to know about all the games.
Speaking of which, about 5 minutes ago I got some more mail. One of the members came back from Weno and the zone leaders gave him our mail! I got one from dad! Wow! 50 yard line! Woo Hoo! I about fell over in my chair when I read it! Try to get tickets like that when I get home! I was excited about all the articles on football too. I was hoping for the results from the big game but maybe next week. GO COUGS!!!
Everything else back home sounds good. Tell grandpa I remember him in my prayers every night. I know the Lord will help him.
I am excited Reilly is going to Argentina. He is going to do well. By time he gets home it will be three years without seeing each other. It will be an exciting reunion!
I was way jealous about Hot August Nights so you know! You make sure that in two years I get a seat reserved in the Shelby. Haha! I did miss getting to spend that time with you though, dad. That will always be a special bonding time for us.
I almost forgot to tell you about the one greeting dad put in a letter... you said Nepong Allim which actaully means good night. I laughed when I saw it. Here are the greetings.
Ran Allim- good day (most common)
Nesor Allim- Good morning
Neanowas Allim- Good mid-day
Nekunion Allium_ Good Evening
Nepong Allim- Good night
Well that covers everything from this week. I can't wait to hear from you again.

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