Thursday, October 8, 2009


September 16, 2009
So I just wrote you a letter that you will get soon. There is a letter from the week before too. I wish I could get letters out to you sooner, but we do not get the opportunity to send mail as often as on Tonoas. (did he send letters often??) Letters hould come in bulk from now on. (will his parents survive this?) Things are going really well here. I love Romonnum and the people. We have 8 people with baptism dates and they are really solid. We are in Weno right now for zone conference. President Dowdle flies in today and conference is tomorrow. I am excited for it. Then on Saturday we will go back to our island. I love coming in to Weno to see everyone and have fun, but I love the peace of Romonnum. It is really relaxed and there is never any stress. The Chuukese call it Kinamwe. Well I don't have much to say since you wil get those letters soon.

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