Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Missionary.. no Transfer.. Staying on Romonnum

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am really lucky and we had transfers this week so I got to come in to Weno. Don't worry. No transfers going on with me. I am on Romonnum for a third one with Elder Ako. I seem to get companions for a lot longer than other people. It is cool though. I like Elder Ako and I love Romonnum. We have a lot of really fun stuff going on there. There is an Elder serving in the mission named Elder Kuss (I actually talked about him in my farewell talk) who is from Romonnum. We teach some of his family but they aren't really ready for anything. But, the exciting news is... Elder Kuss got transferred here and is our new zone leader with Elder Wells. Elder Kuss doesn't know english really so we talk to him in Chuukese. It is fun and it will help us a lot. I really want the chance to work with him so I can learn to speak just like the people here. He told me I do a good job with it already. We talked for a while about Romonnum and the members there. He is a good guy.
I told you all about the news from this week in a letter I just wrote two days ago. Nothing big is going on here right now. Tomorrow we will just go back out to Romonnum and continue working there. It will be a few weeks before we come to Weno again.
It sounds like everything is going good back home. I did get the other food box you sent recently. Thank you for that. I also got a letter from Mom today. It had Jay's wedding announcement. That was exciting to get. I was thinking about it all then I looked at the date on it and I couldn't believe it.... he already is married! That was fast. I never did get the letter you sent with the article on the tsunami by Samoa. Send me the article again because I am curious to here about it. Elder Tuaitanu had family there when it hit and luckily nobody got hurt. I heard it was pretty bad though.
Well, that is all I have to update on this week. I'll write you again next week and let you know how everything is going. Hopefully you get the letter I wrote you soon. I'll mail that off tomorrow.
Thank you both so much for everything. I love you both so much. Take care and stay safe.

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