Sunday, November 1, 2009



Dear Mom and Dad,
I had the chance to go to Weno yesterday for zone p-day but I didn't have the chance to e-mail. The computers were all down.
Zone p-day was a lot of fun yesterday. We hiked a pretty big mountain on Weno and then played football. It was nice to get to hang out with the other missionaries again. I had been on Rommunum for a loooong time and hadn't seen another missionary besides Elder Ako. Elder Ako is great and we get along great. Don't think I view being with him so long as bad thing. Getting to hang out with all of the missionaries though is just fun. We also did a little shopping while we were in and then the Duncan's fed us. It is amazing and always tastes so good.
I am figuring I won't be on an outer island for much longer (3 months max) and will have a way healthier diet on an inner island. (or possibly Guam) :( It is a guarantee that at some point in my mission I will have to leave Chuuk and I really don't enjoy that thought. I want to spend the two full years here, but I will go where I am needed.
So, news on Rommunum for the week..... Kantus should get baptized this week. I'm really hoping so. This baptism has been a big hurdle for us and it needs to be done with soon. After Kantus, we have one, possibly 2, kids being baptized. They are kids of an investigator trying to get baptized. One is a 12 year old boy, named Door, and the other a 12 year old girl named Marinta. They are both good kids. I will keep you posted on everything with them.
This week I had the chance to attend a remembrance event for a person who passed away a year ago. It also included a family council called an interiges. I think I actually told you about the possibilty of me attending in the last letter. It was a really interesting experience. A lot of leaders from the Catholic and Protestant church were there and we sat with them at the tables of honor. That was weird. They spoke briefly of the deceased person and then started the council. The council mostly talked about people wanting to get rid of alcohol on the island, but the leaders said that there was no way they could ask the companies not to send alcohol to Weno and that is where most of the people get their alcohol from. I was not given the opportunity to talk at all.
Well that takes care of my week on Rommunum. I am looking forwrad to hearing from you both soon. Take care!

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