Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lanterns Are Good, Mold is Not!

The blue water tanks shown in the picture are on the island of Tonoas, but they are just like the water tanks that Kevin cleans in the following letter.

January 19, 2009

I have not heard from you for over three weeks as we have not had the chance to go to Weno. I did get a box the last time just before I came out. Thank you for the food and the cosmetics and the emergency lantern. The lantern is so cool. The Chuukese LOVE it too. You said not to worry about bringing it home so I have already promised it to Tansisio when the time comes for me to give it up. I'll get my use out of it first though! I also got a box from the Wanlass family too. They sent me a hanging tent lantern that is really cool! I have been using that too so I have lots of lights now! They must read my blog and you must have written about the time I went without lights for three weeks. All the things I get are such a huge blessing out here.

I miss hearing from you both. The last time I heard from you, dad sent me a Cougar sports update. GO COUGARS!

So this week we had some exciting things happen. We got a goal that before the next zone conference each area will try to get two baptisms. It is a good goal and I am excited!

I also had to go to Uman and help Elder Mitton pack. He is going to Guam to be checked out by a doctor. He has been on Uman for 4 and half transfers and there is no water pump there so it is impossible to filter the water. He has gotten sick quite a few times and has been so sick he has even had to stay at the dirty clinic. Now he is just super tired and it is hard for him to do a lot of stuff. He is a cowboy though and has stuck through it for a long time. We are praying for him to have a safe return and be healthy again. Uman is temporarily closed until the pump is fixed.

The last few days on Rommonum have been good ones. On Sunday we had good church meetings. The branch president is working to make things run smoother. I am excited about that as I have been taking over the jobs and responsibilities of many others. I am not complaining, but I do teach Sunday School and then priesthood and talk in Sacrament meeting each week. My companion and I also do everything with the Sacrament each week. I also conduct branch council each week and other things whenever they happen. A smooth running branch will strengthen the members here so much.

After church is when the good stuff happened though! Margery is going to get baptized on January 30th! Her mother wants her to get baptized now and Margery is so excited for it. It has been a long time to have her mother's heart be softened but now it is all taken care of. The words of Nephi in 1 Nephi 3:7 are so true. The Lord prepares the way. We just have to be patient and find it. We have some other good investigators right now and I am hoping they get baptized soon. Some of them are real studs and they just have a couple of things holding them back.

Today was a bit of a gross day. I did something I never wanted to do. Sister Dowdle asked us to clean our water tanks and I had no idea how gross it was. I also hated the idea as I knew it was going to be a lot of work but today we had the time. Unfortunately for me Elder Cherrington was not feeling well so he sat down in the shade to rest while I worked. First I had to move the water from one tank to the other. When there was about a foot of water I climbed into the tank which was a challenge in itself. The bottom of the tank was covered in about a solid inch of mold and the sides of the tank were lined with it as well. I took down bleach with a brush and scrubbed it for a long time until the mold was off the sides and bottom. I then had to bucket out the rest of the water. The water was a greenish brown color and there was about a billion mold particles floating in it. It was really hot and humid in the tank so I was sweating really bad and was covered in mold and dirt. When the job was done the tank looked really good and there was no more mold. The tank took about two hours to clean. When I finished I bathed in the ocean first (that is approved if needed) and then went into the house and showered. Next week I will clean the next tank. I'll probably have to be the one to do it again since Elder Cherrington is bigger than me and won't be able to fit in the opening. I'm not looking forward to next week.

Well that about wraps up my week. Thank you for everything you do for me.

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