Monday, March 1, 2010

Three's Company

February 9, 2010
Dear Mom and Dad,
This last week was a really ridiculous one. I'm not even sure where to begin. We went to Weno for transfers which was a lot of fun. I am really enjoying being companions with Elder Shuler. But it doesn't stop there. We had a new Elder come in from Guam named Elder Krause. He is assigned to work on Tonoas with Elder Mitton, but Elder Mitton is really sick and on Guam so Elder Krause didn't have a home. Elder Shuler and I figured we have the smallest and least suited house in the mission for a threesome so why not invite him to come with us! Hahaha! Our house is ridiculously overcrowded with stuff and people! It is fun though! Elder Krause is an awesome guy and is just really chill about everything. He is 6 feet 5 inches and weighs about 160 (came out at 145) so people are always shocked to see us all. It is somewhat intimidating for the people to see three missionaries walking around preaching the gospel. We'll just scare people into coming to church now!
I brought up Elder Mitton being really sick and I am pretty sure I told you about him going to Guam before. We have gotten more news on him lately. He is going to Salt Lake. All of the missionaries are very worried about him. It is not clear when he will leave and how long he will be gone. Please keep Elder Mitton in your prayers so he will have a quick recovery and come back with us soon. He is really scared right now and he also doesn't want to leave.
In other news here, we had a meeting yesterday on Weno for health. One of the senior sister missionaries is a former nurse and she came to talk to all of us. She also took water samples from all the islands to be tested on Guam. I'm not sure what they are checking for, but they will be absolutely shocked at how dirty our water is. We filter our drinking water so I am not very concerned. We stayed the night on Weno and then came back out today to get our water samples. We got back and the facilities management workers were here and they FIXED OUR WATER PUMP! I am so happy that we have a working pump!! We can take normal showers again and wash our dishes with more water pressure than a few drops! I have not had that for over 7 months!
The work here is going well. Margery didn't get baptized this last week but she will this week. Elder Kuss will be able to come. I am going to be happy when she gets baptized. It is going to be a really good one! Besides Margery, we won't have any baptisms for a while. A lot of people are procrastinating the day of their repentance. We try so hard to help them see how wrong that is. They have their agency to choose though.
I got a box from you while I was on Weno. All of the food rocks! Thank you so much for that.
It sounds as if stuff back home is going well. I couldn't believe your letter when you wrote that Kristen was getting married and then realized that was a few days ago. Kristen is married?! It doesn't seem real! Give her my congratulations and wishes for the best.
Well sorry I don't have too much more to tell you this week. All is well and the work is good. I hope the same for you! Love Always!

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