Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eleven Investigators at Church

The pictures below were taken in February. They show Kevin and his companion, Elder Cherrington, with the cat that Kevin saved using CPR.

May 10, 2010
Dear Mom and Dad,
It was so good being able to talk to you both yesterday. It was great to hear from the whole family. Everyone sounds great. I am really glad that everyone is doing well and life is good. I wish we could have had a little bit longer to talk but that is how it is.
I do have some exciting stuff to share this week. I didn't bring it up on the phone yesterday because I figured I would just bring it up in this email. We have 4 people getting baptized here really soon. One is scheduled for the 22nd of this month and it will go well if he can make the changes he needs. If not his baptismal date will be pushed to the 5th of June. The 29th is District Conference so that will be impossible on that weekend. The 5th we have a family of three scheduled to be baptized as well. They recently moved in with the branch president while they build their own house which is right next door to the branch president. It is the ideal teaching situation. They have an awesome support system and we don't do much other than teach a little doctrine and the Conrads (branch president's family) tell great stories and bear their testimonies. The investigators, Ohlfred, Elizabeth, and Oliver have really grasped everything well and love it. We have seen some big changes in them already. They came to church this last Sunday and loved it. This last Sunday we hit a record for investigators at church for me so far on my mission. We had 11 there. All 11 can get baptized too. We just have to go work with them and their families. Most of them have just a couple things holding them back right now in terms of their families. We can help them overcome them all though. It will open up doors for the rest of their families too.
Today before we came in to Kolonia we went to a place called Nanmadol where there are some really cool ancient ruins. It is such an amazing place. You should look it up on the internet to see it. The stones that are there are a mystery. There is no way that an uncivilized group of Pohnpeians could have built it. There are legends behind it but there are only two conclusions in my mind 1) Anciently the people here had the gospel and the Priesthood and made a place of worship and later went apostate or 2) Satan had them make a place for them to do vain rituals and helped them to make it. I got a ton of really cool pictures and videos of the place for you to see. You will love them.
So that sums up my week. I did have a couple questions I wanted to ask though.
Can I get Elder Heims' address from you? I have a letter already written that I really want to send out but I can't find his address. Also tell me what Elder Hansen's address is too. I am going to write him soon.
What is the price of gas right now? It just went up 35 cents here in one day so I wanted to know what has been going on in the states. It is $4.25 here right now.
That is all I have for this week. I hope you have an awesome week. Thank you so much for everything you do. I have been so blessed to be born into this family and to have such great parents. I am so grateful to be born in the covenant and be sealed to a family. That is the greatest blessing God has ever given me.
Love Always,
Elder Kevin South

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