Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pohnpeian Weddings, Infected Blisters, and Pohnpeian Langauge Mastery Completed

The above picture was taken on Romonnum. Kevin is inside the water tank and is cleaning it.
May 23, 2010
Dear Mom and Dad,
My P-day just barely got changed about 2 days ago to Monday. It came from the area general authority so for now on Monday is the new P-day.
This last week has been a good one. We still have a lot of good stuff going on. We had 11 investigators at sacrament meeting again this Sunday which was awesome. Rickson and Justin were there and they will be getting baptized this Saturday. Other than them Ohlfred and Elizabeth are still doing good too. They came to church and on Saturday they got married. The marriage was pretty funny but good. We have that out of the way for them so now all we really have to do is get them to stop all their word of wisdom issues. Their wedding wasn't really a wedding. On Saturday it was suppose to happen at 3:00 at the building we have church in. We got there and waited until 4:00 then went to see them and ask when it was going to happen. They weren't ready yet so we went home and had dinner then went back to them again. They got ready and everyone showed up at the building around 5:30. There were about 15 people there in total. It happened in the branch president's office. Most of the people there didn't even get the chance to see it because the office is so small. They held hands and said "I do" then switched headbands. No kiss or anything. That is really against the culture. They signed a paper and then everyone left and went home. haha Pohnpeian weddings rock!
Other than all that I finished my language mastery yesterday. It is nice to have that out of the way. My Chuukese one took a lot longer than my Pohnpeian one did. I am going to hand it to President Dowdle when we have our interview on Wednesday. He is coming in for zone conference.
I went on an exchange with the zone leaders this last week. I went with Elder Larsen to the Palikis area. I had a lot of fun. Elder Larsen is a stud! While I was with him we had a meal appointment. It was the first meal appointment of my mission. It was with a family from the states named the Calls. Brother Call works as a lawyer at the Capital here. They will be here for two years. They made us pizza and apologized for it! I could not believe they apologized! It was so good! They are a really cool family.
I have been battling an infection on my hand the last few days. Last Wednesday Elder Clark and I were on an exchange. We worked in Kitti. We did a lot of service using machetes and I got a couple blisters and scrapes. Two of them got infected so I have had to keep an eye on those and take measures to stop it. They are good now and I think by tomorrow the infection will be all gone. Elder Clark is one of the many going home after this transfer. It was my second chance to work with him.
I guess you haven't gotten the chance to write an email yet because of the change on P-day but I'll hear from you next week. I hope you are both still doing great. Thanks for all you do for me.
Love Always,
Elder Kevin South
Oh I almost forgot! I don't have Tori's email address anymore so I can't write her personally but can you please tell her happy birthday for me.

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