Monday, April 27, 2009

Letters Make the Happiest Days

It is amazing how happy a letter can make two people! So, you can imagine how happy we were when we got not one, but two letters on Saturday! We are still not sure how the mail works since they were mailed a week apart. The following is a combination of the two letters.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I have been spoiled by chances to e-mail lately but I probably will not get a chance to e-mail again for awhile.
Things in Chuuk are going well. I have some exciting news! We had a baptism on Saturday. The guy's name is Atong. Guess who did the baptism? I did. It was awesome! I did it in Chuukese. We did it in the ocean. The water is really warm here and we all just waded out a little ways. I wanted a picture of it, but it was raining really hard so we couldn't get one. I did get one at the church afterwards. It would have been nice for you to see what it looked like in the ocean. Hopefully I will get a chance to baptize someone else in the ocean. It was a really good experience.
Thank you so much for the new socks. They will come in handy. When you send the crocs, send some that are easy to slip on and off. When you go into someone's house here it is bad culture to not take your shoes off even though the floors are just plywood with a lot of dirt on them.
You will be happy to hear we have water now. The dry season is over for now. Our tanks are overflowing. I did not think it would be possible to fill them, but then I saw what true rain is. In about 24 hours, with the rain coming and going for a total of about 4 hours of rain, the two tanks that hold about 100 gallons of water each were filled and the excess flowed over. It is nice to not have to worry so much about water and to not have to survive off of coconut milk.
Both of my companions were transferred and I have a new companion named Elder Wood. He is a good guy. He is from Oceanside, California and has a fairly large family. He is still learning the language too and so we are putting in a lot of extra language study at night. My brain is pretty much fried. I am praying for extra help.
We have a new missionary in our zone. I have not gotten the chance to meet him yet. His name is Elder Vanculman. I am not sure of the spelling. He is from from either Guam or Saipan. I will get to meet him in a few weeks when we have zone conference.
I got to go to my first Chuukese party a couple of days ago. The branch president's daughter was married a couple months ago and so they decided to have a celebration. It was pretty fun. It is customary here to give a dollar to the bride and groom and then you get as much food as you can eat. We were given a huge platter with a lot of different Chuukese foods. There was a lot of fish. Some was raw and some was cooked. There was also chicken, hot dogs, rice, pig, tapioca, and taro. It was all pretty good. I tried most of everything though none of it was anything to write home about. (haha, lame joke)
I am working hard to know the needs of the people here even though I do not understand them real well or know them real well.
Thank you so much for the packages. It has been amazing to have variety in my diet and the candy makes a good little snack. I also got a package full of food from grandpa Bob and grandma Helen. Tell Grandpa Duane, grandma Jenny, and Uncle Shaun that I got their peanut butter and honey and it will come in very useful here.
So I have a few questions. How is Grandpa Duane? And have you sold my car?
Tell everyone hi for me! I hope to hear from you soon!

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