Friday, April 3, 2009

Snail mail with a camera chip

Kevin reports that life on Tonoas is hard They are still without water. They have continued with the dirty-water-from-the-well bucket showers as described several blogs ago and ocean bathing. They are still drinking coconut milk. As their coconut supply was running out, Kevin and his companions contemplated on how to get more coconuts. Kevin paid a boy $1 to climb a tree and get some coconuts down for them. The good news is that the church was planning on bringing them some water which I am sure they have received by now.
Despite hard living conditions, Kevin writes that he loves Tonoas. He likes to go out at night and look up at the stars and it is amazing. Every star is visible. It's even better than scout camp. The island is like a paradise and he is really loving the people. They are very humble and full of love. Of course, he can't understand much of what they are saying! Kevin comments that when he returns home he will really appreciate all that he has.
Kevin and his two companions get along well. They are working hard and baptised one girl last week. The goal for Tonoas is 20 baptisms this year and they believe they will exceed that goal.
As for learning the Chuukese language, Kevin is making progress. For those of you who are wondering why Kevin did not learn his language in the mission training center as most missionaries do, there are several reasons. Micronesia has many languages spoken between the various islands and there are only a small number of missionaries in the islands so the languages are learned once they get there as there would not be enough missionaries to have a class in the training center. According to Kevin, Chuukese is a funny language to learn. It is very redundant and repeats things often. Kevin says it is a lot of fun to work with. He was able to give an introduction of himself in church last week and his testimony. He said everyone at church was very excited about how quickly he is learning.
The Chuukese culture is interesting to learn about. A couple is leagally married if they live together. There is no ceremony or a certificate. Affection is never shown in public. Not even hand holding.
Kevin says to tell everyone he misses them and that he is doing well.

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