Sunday, March 13, 2011

It is Bittersweet to not be the Branch President

February 21, 2011
Dear Mom and Dad,
I am feeling bittersweet right now. I have some pretty big news. A local named Ande has been called as the branch president. It happened very suddenly. I was not expecting it to happen quite so suddenly. We had a world wide leadership training for the district at the Mwan chapel. The 2nd counselor to the mission presidency was there and he had to leave as soon as the meeting was over to catch his plane. We talked for a minute and I was mostly asking about what else I needed to do to prepare Ande to be branch president. I then asked what time frame I should be working towards and he said it was going to start right then and there. He was sustained and set apart while President Dowdle was there. It was really sudden but it was at a good time. The branch is in the hands it needs to be now. I'll be here to help him through anything he needs. He has really good desires to good work with the branch and he will. One of the best things ever was that the branch planned an activity and I didn't do ANYTHING! It was a big relief!
This last week we had transfers. We had some big changes in the zone. No change for me or with the zone leaders. Uman finally opened again. It has been closed ever since Elder Mitton left last year. We had one Elder go to Guam, one come back to Chuuk, and 2 greenies came. The greenies are both good guys. One is on Rommonum and the other is with Elder Johnson in Mechetiw.
Work has been going well in Sapuk. I think a lot of people will be baptized soon. It will be really good to focus on missionary work my last few weeks.
It is strange thinking I would be with you if I hadn't extended. haha!
I am glad BYU is doing well still. I was blown away with how big Jimmer has become! BYU must be getting a lot of spotlight attention. That is really good for the program. I just really hope that the team pull through in the tournament. I want them to make it to the elite 8 at least.
Not much else to say this week. I hope you're both doing well.
Love Always,
Elder Kevin South

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