Sunday, March 13, 2011

Osimiday is Waiting for his Mission Call

February 14, 2011
Dear Mom and Dad,
Happy Valentine's Day! This would have been my last letter to you if I had not extended. I would have even beat this letter home probably. I am glad I did extend and will be here longer. Things have been a bit rough, but are getting better. We have some great investigators and I still have three more baptisms on my mind to make my goal.
This last week we had zone conference and it was really good, but I was sad that it is my last one. President trained on the fall. He has one more to do before he goes home and that one will be on the atonement. He always says you can't look at the atonement without first understanding why we need it so much. His training was good and my last zone conference was a good spiritual experience. My interview with President was really helpful too. We talked about sprinting to the end. I only have about 4 weeks left so I have to work hard.
We had a young man in our branch named Osimiday get interviewed for his mission last week. It is a big relief to have it all done now. I really hope that I will be here when his call comes. I doubt I will and that stinks! I'm opting for him to get called to whichever mission covers Reno. I'm a big fan of Osimiday and I know he'll do a lot of good work.
I was sad to hear BYU lost to New Mexico. I assume the game was played at New Mexico which is a really hard place to play. Things will be okay though.
I hope you are both doing well! I love you both!
Love Always,
Elder Kevin South

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