Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time Travel IS Possible and Sprinters are Going the Fastest as They Cross the Finish Line

This picture shows the area around Sapuk. It was taken by Kevin's companion, Elder Blake Fisher. He told his family that this picture shows why a machette is needed when serving in Chuuk.
February 28, 2011
Dear Mom and Dad,
Well, I received my final travel plans and I am still coming home on March 18th. I will be at the Osaka, Japan airport for 9 hours. I hope it's nice and big! I am curious to see what Japan is like. I'm happy to be going there. I laughed when I saw my travel plans because I leave Japan on the 18th around 5PM and get home on the same day but at 4:15 PM. Time travel IS possible!
Thank you for sending the pictures. The locals love them! The framed wedding picture of Sad and Tara is awesome and they want me to say thank you for them. They are both doing super well in the church and in their family.
Work in Sapuk has been going well. We have people we are working with that are doing well and maybe a baptism this week.
We have been working with Ande pretty close to help him learn all the responsibilities of branch president. We have been translating parts of the new handbooks and teaching him other important principals in his calling. He has been a stud so far and wants to do so much good. The branch is going to grow so much with him in there helping them. All of Sapuk is buzzing about it and a lot more people have a peaked interest in the church. I wish I could be here for 6 more months to work with all of them.
I am glad to hear BYU has been doing so well and that Jimmer has done so much good. I must admit that I am very excited to watch him play. I remember watching him before my mission but it sounds like he has stepped up his game a lot since then. Let's hope they aren't one and done so I will get to see him play!
I don't have much else to say this week. It's hard to believe that in a few weeks I'll see both of you again. I am looking forward to it but at this point it feels as though I will be a missionary here for the rest of my life. Home seems very distant which may be a blessing to keep me focused.
Know that I love you both and that I will work hard until I get to see you again. Sprinters are going the fastest as they cross the finish line!
Love Always,
Elder Kevin South
Elder Sotuni

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