Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Greetings

Kevin with his Grandpa and Grandma South, his cousin, Kristen, and his Uncle Shaun

Kevin with Tody and Debby Wanlass. The Wanlass family sent Kevin letters and packages throughout his mission.

Taylor and Shain Smith. Shain received a huge hug at the airport and Taylor a handshake.

Kevin with Shain. Shain was on a mission in Ecuador when Kevin left so Kevin and Shain had not seen each other for 3 years.

Kevin with Winter, Chance and Blake Wride and Sheila Heims. Kevin has known Winter and Sheila his whole life. He met Chance before he left on his mission, but while he was gone, Chance and Winter married and had Baby Blake.

Kevin with his sister, Tori, and his nephew Kolby. Kolby was only 7 months old when Kevin left. We tried to get a picture of Kevin holding one of his nephews, but even though they were happy to see him, weren't ready to be held at this point.

Kein with David and Rochelle Howard. David and Kevin were high school friends and ran cross country and played basketball together. Rochelle, his mom, always made sure Kevin was well fed and taken care of throughout high school

kevin poses for a picture with his mom and dad.

Kevin with his brother-in-law, Lewis Mitchell. I am sure they are probably already planning a golf trip in this picture.

The Smith family

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